Tuesday, February 26, 2013

full moon play

I've been waiting for a dry, semi-clear night to be able to take the camera outside and play. Last night was the night and bonus for me, it happened to coincide with a full moon!

I went out to the side yard to get these. 

Oliver, Pierre and MK kept me company.


Taking pictures of the cats in near total darkness was quite the challenge. The flash worked well to illuminate them all, but trying to compose the photo in the dark was fun!

Family portrait - take 1

Family portrait - take 2

Family portrait - take 3

I give up, MK is just not going to cooperate! Back to the heavens...

The inside cats were keeping an eye on me too.

Painting with light while playing chase the red dot with Oliver and Pierre. 

Playing with the camera was lots of fun! Summer time will even be more fun, when it's warmer! What a joy to share the yard with Pierre, MK and Oliver.


  1. We love your pics! It's good to see the outside kittehz, too. Have a super Tuesday.

  2. That middle family photo looks like the one kittie (MK?) was yelling a warning to the others.

  3. Great pictures! I like them all!

  4. Fabulous fabulous photos!!!!!! As you know, you are one of the winners of our Friskies prizes!! I need you to please email me your COMPLETE NAME and MAILING ADDRESS to cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com


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