Friday, May 3, 2013

a boy and his outside cats (part III)

I'm not one usually to repeat blog post themes so quickly, but in this case, I just had to. Pierre came visiting again in the sunny afternoon so what was I gonna do? Gotta keep practicing with the camera you know.

sometimes you have to wait in line to play string around here.

and sometimes you have to share

 I love Pierre's energy and his handsome look. He's very elegant and soft looking.

Now for a few outtakes

Connie from Tails from the Foster Kittens said that cats look fabulous on grass and she's right! 


  1. those are great pictures....what a lovely place for these boys to relax and be safe ;)

  2. Really terrific pics! And of course the secret is to getting right down on the ground, which it seems you have!

  3. Those three in the middle are amazing photos.. getting great shots of black cats isn't easy, but great lighting and a great back drop helps..

    funny I was looking at these photos and thinking man cats look great on grass.. just as I reached the end of the post.. ;)

  4. These are really good pictures, you have captured Pierre beautifully, he is a superb panther!

  5. Great photos!! He is a very handsome cat!!

  6. That just had to be so much fun for you! Here is one handsome, handsome dude.

  7. Pierre is such a handsome boy - nice shots!

  8. He IS a complete stunner!! Soooo handsome!

  9. I LOVES the last one! He looks like he is laughing!


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