Friday, October 10, 2014

the adventures of Bert

It's been a week of many adventures for sweet Bert.

When one steps into the PTU, you never knows where it may take you...

First stop: my office!

Monday was declared, Bring Your Rescue Kitty To Work Day!

Bert sniffed and sniffed, giving everything a thorough inspection before he said he was tired and needed a nap. So, back home we went.

Then today, he headed back to the PTU - this time, so we could walk over to the vet.

The vampire vet wanted some more of his blood - to test for the nasty little bugs that have been living in the blood. His red cell count was in the perfect range, so he's got a clean bill of health!! Go Bert!! He also gained nearly a pound since his last visit about a month ago! He likes his foods, but what's wrong with that?!

I think I have the best vet on the planet - she has continued to be incredibly generous with Bert's medical care, donating her time and significantly discounting the diagnostic work. She knows he's a rescue, who needed some help. A big thank you to my awesome vet!! ( I don't hold the vampire thing against her.)

Next stop in the PTU... inside the house, like a real inside kitty!

Feline ambassador Nahum, always the first to greet the newcomers with a sniff.

Bert's been hanging out in the garage until all the parasites living in his blood were exterminated. Now that he's free of bugs, he can come inside! Yea!!!!

This first time was just a short visit. He met all the cats except for Willow. There was a bit of hissing, but otherwise all went perfect. Over the weekend he'll be getting more and more time integrated with the general population! Yah for Bert!

Happy Weekend to you!!


  1. Hurrah for a clean bill of health! This is terrific news, and so is his first intro to your own cats. :-)

    Love, love, love that first photo -- he's so happy cuddled in your arms. :-)

  2. YAY! I am so happy for you Bert- I hope everyone accepts you this weekend. Please visit us at for a giveaway today and another one Monday.

  3. Bert you may not even realize it yet but you hit the jackpot! We are so happy for you!!!

  4. Hurrah for healthy kitty! He is a handsome boy. :-)

  5. OH what great news! Bert, your spots are making mommy smile! And so great you are a llll better.

  6. YAY for bug free
    YAY for good vets and
    YAY for indoor time : )

  7. Soooo happy that Bert got a clean bill of health!!!! He sure had an eventful day!

  8. Look at the ruff on Bert! He's one handsome mancat! Good luck on the introduction; I'd do almost anything to get my two friendly ferals inside, but for now it's not to be.

  9. Yippee, Bert, you handsome Mancat! Purrs...

  10. So glad to hear it - what a handsome dude! That's amazing that you have such a great vet!

  11. We are so glad Bert is doing so good and headed into da house is a wonderful thing!


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