Wednesday, November 12, 2014

belated blest Sunday

I really wanted to participate in the blest Sunday blog event, but I missed the mark as I was settling back into life at the hobby cattery. Better late than never, so here goes.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are a few of the blessings I'm tremendously grateful for.


My senior (15+ years) who is starting to have more health issues. I love this guy and his non-stop insistence of having his tummy rubbed. In his mind, there is never an excuse that justifies why his tummy is not being rubbed at a given moment. I'm grateful for each day he continues to be with me.


My little Willow is turning into quite the cuddle bug and cuddly cats are the best!! Willow's existence in my life brings my heart great joy everyday.

Safe crossings:

As I walked home from the dentist Tuesday morning, I saw MK dart across the busy street near my house. I hate that the ferals insist on crossing the roads, but I am immensely grateful they have safely crossed these streets for 3+ years now. I hope they have many more years of safe crossings to come.

I wish I could somehow contain MK, Pierre, and Nora and keep them from crossing streets - but they are truly feral, and I live in a city.

Mr. Bert:

With the colder than normal temperatures, Bert has moved! He's now occupying Oliver's room inside the house, yes, inside, like a real inside kitty! 

Bert is passionate about being loved on. He LOVES love. I really get the sense he's aware of the gift he has received at a second chance of being a spoiled inside kitty and he exuberantly expresses his gratitude. He's non-stop wiggling around trying to smash his head into my hand or have his tummy rubbed. All hands must be actively loving on him somehow and he must be smashing his body into the hands that are loving on him. With Bert, love is truly a verb!

For this boy's enthusiasm for giving and receiving love, I am grateful.

Beautiful view:

The list of things I don't like about the Pacific Northwest is vast, however, I am grateful for the pretty view of the Cascade mountains I sometimes get to enjoy from my office window.


  1. I worry about the ferals (and neighbor's cats!!) who dash across the road too, and I try to make a mental picture to send to advise them to wait for a long stretch with no vehicles. Sometimes, when a kitty wants some lovin' but I'm in the middle of something or running out the door, I remind myself that a few more minutes of furry love are WAY MORE important than anything I'm doing.

  2. Your blessings are truly wonderful. My Charlie demands two handed rubbings sometimes! And when they demand it they demand it don't they! Love all our kitties! Hugs!

  3. those are wonderful blessings....we wish you many more years with Buddy, much more cuddling with Willow and wonderous belly rubs for Bert. And continued safety for Oliver and his kids.

  4. Those are all things to be truly thankful for.

  5. Congratulations Bert on your graduation :)

    it is always nice to stop and reflect on all that is good when so much is so bad..


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