Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the lake

Long ago, when I went to college, I did so near Lake Superior and it was then that I fell in love with the Great Lakes, particularly Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. The size and freshness of the water are amazing. These massive bodies of water have the ability to soothe my heart like nothing else on earth.

Since we are hanging out in Western Michigan for a bit means I get to enjoy Lake Michigan. It's breathtakingly lovely with it's clean, beautiful sandy beaches.

Muskegon State Park

Cider donuts!!! 

We stumbled across a cider house that had fresh cider donuts, for some lame reason, these gems don't exist in the Seattle area. And they call Washington the "apple state" when all the local apples are nasty and no cider donuts! 

Oliver's getting bored being locked away in his room,
 but I'm not bored watching him be bored!

Bert's looking bored too, as he hangs out on his heating pad.


  1. We love looking at the water, not being in it, just looking! Howdy boys!

  2. Stunning beach vistas, wow!

    As for that cider donut, yum. Wonder why our Tim Horton's hasn't jumped on THAT bandwagon!

  3. Beautiful coastal pictures!
    Never had a cider donut before!

  4. love that area (mom has family up there) and the cider and all the apple fixings are wonderful!!

  5. Ohhh, those donuts do sound good. We love the Great Lakes too. Great pictures.

  6. Oh, I love to hear nice things about Michigan! I'm on the other side of the state, in Metro Detroit area, but Michigan has so much to offer...including the Great Lakes!

  7. My mom-person saw Lake Superior when she visited Duluth about 100 years ago :)


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