Friday, December 12, 2014

homes still wanted

Tramp, Patches and Bert all went back to the weekend adoption event on Friday. Tramp and Patches are looking a tad less frightened. Bert is still pretty chill. May this be the weekend they all find their forever homes!

I'm so in love with Mork and Mindy!! How in the world are these two adorable kittens still in need of a home?! I sooooo want to take them home!

It took everything I had to resist Mork's tummy!

And on a completely different note, someone had some fun painting on the back of my garage Thursday night. Not very original if you ask me, rather plain. Who wants something so boring facing the alley? Not me. 

I thought it might look better if I spruced it up a bit. So I scavenged in my garage for spray paint and then letter my inner-grafitti artist out. Sadly, I only had a "holiday" green and a tiny bit of gray. I really wish I had some holiday red to go with the green so I could have done something more festive.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Here's to forever homes for your crew this weekend! As for Mork and Mindy - they are absolutely PRECIOUS! Who could resist that belly or the look in those eyes.....too cute! The graffiti painter will be very surprised to see his "creation" added to I'm sure but at least you made it a lot more festive...........

    Pam and Sam

  2. Much applause for all the dedication you and the other rescuers put forth in behalf of these precious kitties! I'd have Mork & Mindy in a blink if if I didn't live so distantly--in the rural hinterlands of the Thumb of Michigan! Even tho I already have 3 part Maine coon siblings.

  3. So many sweet kitties! If I could I would have a home for many many cats! Good for you to spruce up graffiti!

  4. I'm with you on Mork and Mindy! so darned cute. Beautiful cats both of them. Is that gang graffiti? Glad you have a good sense of humor and 'decorated' it! MOL

  5. Mork and Mindy are about the sweetest babies I have ever seen, bar none.


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