Thursday, January 15, 2015


Being away from home means Oliver must be secured in our junky small bedroom, also known as "Oliver's Room". For him, it's his dream come true, he gets to be a real inside kitty! But before he can be brought in, the room has to be Oliverized.

Sheets and towels are hung in all the "spray-zones" to speed the cleaning process when we get back home!

No doubt that Oliver loves being inside-kitty.

Oliver's konked out on the heating pad!


  1. Actually, that's a pretty good idea, to hang the sheets and towels! We hope that makes the clean up simple and quick.

    Purrs and peace.

  2. while he enjoys being inside, we love what you did with the place :)

  3. Oh, Oliver! We wish you didn't mark everything. You'd be so happy as an indoor cat...

  4. Aw that is such a nice 'vacation' for Oliver! Inside kitty time. Good idea the sheets and towels. If ONLY he wouldn't spray.

  5. Glad hims enjoyin' himsselff.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. his own room ... lucky boy.
    Happy New Year, Love Helen, Bingley, Darcy & Freddie xxxx

  7. I would love to have all of my outside kitties INSIDE! Have you thought about puppy pee pads? I think they come in a variety of sizes; I use painters tape and tape them 2/3 on the wall and 1/3 on the floor. Pee hits the wall, but then is absorbed. Just an idea for Oliver.

  8. MOL graffiti spray room !
    That's cool :)
    Enjoy Oliver

    PS : your art can't see but smell ... MOL

  9. Oliver, loved boy. Try harder to do your part here. You are so fortunate to have a loving Dad. xxooxx

  10. Maybe he will want to be an indoor cat now.


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