Wednesday, January 14, 2015

twenty years!

Twenty years ago today, Laura and I celebrated our wedding with our family and friends!

the happy young couple - Thecatguy and Laura
We were married in Laura's home town church, in rural Indiana. Being creative and non-conformist people, we didn't want a traditional formal wedding. We wanted something that uniquely represented us, so we crafted the service to be a Christian worship service that had a rite of marriage in the midst of it.

We've never been much for formal, so we made sure the wedding was casual. Laura's cousin made her dress and my mom hand knitted my sweater. And you can't really tell in the faded photo, but I'm wearing jeans!

The tapestry in the background was handwoven by my mom. We gave her an idea of what we were wanting and she worked her magic on the loom! The candlestick holders were handcrafted by Laura's grandfather.

The theme of the three birds signifies the Holy Spirit leading us onward. Looking back, I love that we put a prayer from Saint Francis of Assisi on the cover of our program. He had such a love and respect for animals and the natural world at a time when such respect was not necessarily the norm.

I look back on the choice I made twenty years ago today, and I rejoice and celebrate as it was certainly the best choice I have ever made. Laura is an amazing woman, having her in my life is the greatest gift I could ever dream of.

And can you believe that I chose to marry Laura at a time when she didn't care for pets? At the time I was a crazy dog person and she could take or leave dogs, although she was more on the leave side. For years I tried to talk her into getting a little dog, but we never did. Now, as I look back, I'm thankful she stayed strong and resisted. Knowing us, if we had a dog, we wouldn't ever have gotten a cat, and then I would've missed out on the joy of cats!

Today, twenty years later, we are celebrating this awesome milestone with a lovely trip to Vermont! We both love Vermont, it's beauty, lack of industry, and history are good for the soul.

The Lyme Inn, Lyme, NH
Even though the temperature is quite chilly outside, we are staying toasty warm in the Lyme Inn, which is over 200 years old! My picture didn't turn out that great due to the sun, so take a look at the picture of this place from their website (they must have photoshopped out the electrical wires!)

Photo courtesy of The Lyme Inn website

The view of "downtown" Lyme from our window

It snowed on Monday as we were making our way here, but sun is forecast for our entire stay! The fresh coat of snow makes everything look fresh and pretty. What a blessing.

This is the sitting area of our gorgeous suite!
The suite we're staying in is huge! We both think the square footage of the suite is actually larger than the first floor of our house! The wide plank flooring, cozy fireplace and spaciousness of everything is delightful! And there are seven huge windows in our suite!

Breakfast is included and is served in the beautiful enclosed in front porch. Each table has fresh flowers, which is amazing as it seems we might be the only ones staying here at the moment. Amazing too how well insulated this place is. I figured a massive room with three walls of windows and the outside temperature hovering around 10°F (-12°C) would be cold, but it was perfectly warm.

I ordered the cinnamon roll french toast with berries and maple syrup made by the inn's owner! I so love real New England maple syrup - yum, yum, yum!!

I love that we are celebrating in such a lovely place and yet it's aways sad being away from the kitties. It does help to know they are being well cared for. We boarded Buddy so he could have people keeping a close eye on him in case his health turns for the worse and we also boarded Bert so Oliver could have the room he's been occupying.

My friend Kathleen, who takes care of the boarded animals, sent me these photos of Bert and Buddy.

 Bert            photo courtesy of Kathleen

Buddy          photo courtesy of Kathleen
Thanks for celebrating with us!!


  1. Happy anniversary! What a gorgeous inn -- a fabulous way to celebrate!

    We wish you another 20 years--and more--together.

    Purrs and peace.

  2. HAPPY Anniversary!!! What a lovely tribute to 20 years! Concats! (but really - you went somewhere cold in January??? haha)

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many years ahead!

  4. Happy anniversary! Here's wishing you wonderful decades ahead :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary!! That Inn looks amazing! What a wonderful love story!

  6. Congratulations on 20 years! And thanks for sharing your love story, but Vermont in January?!? LOL!

  7. Happy Anniversary! and what a lovely trip. I loved that you included so much family in your wedding, and it is nice that you wanted and were able to do so..

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely way to celebrate and I'm sure you are totally enjoying yourselves in a beautiful picturesque town.

  9. Congratulations on 20 years together, and best wishes for many more to come! Have a wonderful time in Vermont (so long as you stay warm)!

  10. Congratulations! What a delightful way to celebrate a special anniversary.
    I love the fact that you planned your wedding around simplicity instead of going the formal and extravagant route. Being a weaver myself, I love that your Mom wove the backdrop for the ceremony.
    Glad the kitties are being well taken care of. I know you miss them.

  11. Congratulations! I have never been to the Lyme Inn, but it looks lovely. I love the story of your simple and meaningful wedding.

  12. Happy anniversary! Have a lovely time in Vermont. I'm intrigued and now want to go there.

  13. Happy Anniversary fom all of us!!!!!!!

  14. That looks like an awesome trip, so relaxing too I bet! Congratulations to the both of you on twenty years woot woot! Remember with the kitties, absence makes the heart grow fonder (if that's possible?)

  15. Happy Anniversary. Such a beautiful simple wedding. Marriages last because of what's on the inside not what's on the outside. I hate leaving my cat when we go away, but my husband does need to get away some times and we have relatives to visit. I know he is being well cared for and then I try not to think about him. So great when I get home to him again.

  16. Happy 20th! How lovely to spend your anniversary in such a gorgeous looks yummy, room is beautiful - and you two are still in love after all these years.....I'd say that's a WIN/WIN!!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  17. Happy 20th anniversary! Thank you so much for showing us the wedding pictures and including us in how you met as well as the wedding. I loved every sentence and picture. Amazing you started as a dog person and transitioned to cats. Well, come to think of it that is what happened with me. Happy Anniversary and MANY more.

  18. Happy 20th anniversary! I loved seeing your wedding photos and I am so glad you chose cats :)

  19. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU CRAZY KIDS!!!!!!! I admire how you were married, it shows what REALLY matters, EACH OTHER!!! Wishing you many, many more happy years together!

  20. Congratulations! I remember that day and your wonderful wedding!


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