Saturday, July 28, 2018


My Saturday started as most days do, I got up and went about my morning routine. But then as I was about to pop into the bathroom and get my shower something unexpected happened, Oliver got up on the bed and looked at me. Not just any look, he had a look like he wanted something, an invitational look - he wanted to cuddle. So, not being one to pass up such an invitation, I obliged.

Next thing I knew...

Then a little while later...

And then...

Theo had to come check out the cuddlefest and made himself a little fort on the other side of the bed...

What's missing in these pictures is the sound of the purrs! When Oliver's relaxed, his purr gets super loud.

And then...

Nahum came for a visit too...

Oliver never left his cuddly spot on the bed! I don't remember the last time I spent most of the day cuddling with my precious Oliver. This was certainly the first time since he became an inside cat and it was lovely to not have to worry about him jumping down and peeing on something and I'm sure he enjoyed not having to worry about when he was going to get deported.

Purrfect way to spend a caturday!!

Happy Caturday to you!


  1. Awww, what a gloriously adorable collection of cuddly Caturday photos!

  2. I am thrilled for you! Oliver most of all but that the others did come up as well and all of you had wonderful cuddle. How sweet it is!

  3. I always stop for cuddles with my kitty!!

  4. That is a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

  5. That is the purrrfect way to spend a Caturday. The photos are just wonderful, and hope you got to cuddle with them all day long. Theo had his little fort looking so comfortable. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful week ahead.
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