Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday update

Good news to report on Marvin. The vet was able to get the blood sample, and the results show that his heart seems to be in good shape. Initially, she thought his heart was thickening due to the kidney failure and thus creating hypertension, but the results don't support that theory. Now, she's thinking pancreatitis. And even better news, he has responded well to the blood pressure and heart rate medications. Today the vet said his blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal - yah!!! That news makes me very happy. I'm amazed that he's allowing us to put the meds in his food, in the past that would be reason enough for a days long hunger strike.

Meanwhile Marvin's personality is coming out again. He's been super-cuddly lately, which is a welcome relief after being not interested in attention for a week or two. He's also back to soaking up as much as sun as he can get on his furs. He loves having heated window shelf! Heat on both sides!

Theo's fort fail!

Pierre still loves cuddles with papa!

Last weekend we drove over to Weston, Vermont to take in their Christmas festival. They had gotten 18 inches of snow earlier in the week, so it was beautifully picturesque! I forgot how much I actually like cold, snowy, New England winter! I love the transition from cold to warm.
Weston Vermont Christmas Festival

I finally found some wheat grass for Rose! I've not been able to find it anywhere here in New Hampshire/Vermont. It was easy to find in Seattle, but apparently it's not a thing here. Petsmart recently came to town and I was there on Black Friday stocking up on litter and I saw it. I grabbed it, thinking of Rose's delight. It was only after I bought it I realized it was $7.99!! and for a tiny square of it, not even the large tray! Yikes.

Rose did enjoy it! 

Theo and Nahum have been super-cuddly lately - the best treatment for depression.
Theo cuddles
Amazing how having a purring 18 pound fluffy cat on one's chest can be quite therapeutic.

 Marvin and Pierre sharing window perch.       Nov 22, 2018

Oliver doing his part to make sure Marvin's heating pad heat
is not wasted while Marv's is away at the vet. 
I hope your weekend is filled with purrs, love, and peace.


  1. the grocery store by walmart in west lebanon usually has cat grass. I've started growing it on my own since it is pretty cheap to get the seed and it grows pretty quickly.

    I'm glad you have such good news on Marvin!

  2. what WONDERFUL news and dear photos!

  3. i'm so happy for these good news!
    about your depression (of which I've suffered too): did you check your vitamin D level in your blood? it's a simple blood test, but a very important one. if it is too low, you are at a serious risk, so go to the blood test center and do it. After I've had several month in a row of Vitamin D intake, my depression went away.

  4. Sweet Marvin! So glad he is hanging in there. Love seeing all the kitties setteling in and enjoying life inside!

  5. Such great photos and I'm sure glad to hear the good Marvin news.

  6. A purring cat on one's chest is one of the bestest things in the world! Way to go, Marvin!

  7. Good to hear that Marvin responded so well to the medications, and is back to his happy self.

  8. I am glad Marvin is improving. Weston is a nice pace, I love the Vermont Country Store.


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