Thursday, July 4, 2019

safe 4th

Thank you everyone for your kind words about Marvin, it was a blessing to read each of your comments. The weight of grief is heavy and I appreciate not carrying it alone. I deeply miss him, he had such a big personality in such a tiny package. I'm not sure how he fit all his kitty-stuff in there! I've been noticing his absence and also noticing the relief of no longer needing to be always on duty. The 24-hour caregiving duties added up slowly over time,  I don't think I realized the weight of the stress, worry, and around the clock caregiving requirements, until that weight was released. I hope to write up a memorial for Marvin shortly.

Today's the 4th of July - the day I always think of Oliver and his family. I remember all those years of him being outside and being all terrified by the fireworks. I did my best to give him and his family a safe place to hangout. Even with the accommodations I provided, the fireworks caused him great stress, which in turn caused me great stress.

Today, Oliver and Pierre are happily inside - chilling with no worries about fireworks or cars or any other dangers! And I no longer stay up all night worrying about them darting across a busy road after getting spooked by fireworks. Tonight, they are happily inside! Yah!!

Oliver's preferred napping position                  July 4, 2019 12:32pm

We live in an in-town apartment here in Lebanon, NH and the people around here seem to be a lot less into fireworks - which is great! I'm not a huge fan of the noise.

Pierre enjoying the view and keeping eye on the human     July 4, 19 8pm
 Pierre and Oliver - now forever inside cats!!
Oliver, snoozing safely and soundly as inside kitty!!      July 4, 19, 8pm

Pierre enjoying the sun!                           June 22, 2019

I hope all your kitties are safe and sound this evening!


  1. It is good to take time and heal your heart.

  2. I love seeing those two and knowing their story makes me all the happier seeing them so happy as inside cats.
    I understand, as do many of us here, the 7-24 care you have to give. It was just as bad for Admiral and me though I never blogged that. Looking back, I wish I had, in a way. The caring support Admiral and I would have had would have been good for me. The grief was horrible when she passed; but she and I had rest. Did Nora come with you?

  3. It has been a joy to follow Oliver and Pierre's journey to indoor cats. The caregiving of our older cats is given with love and gratitude but it is hard and when they pass we do know we did all we could for them. I will miss my Charlie forever but I know he will be there waiting for me when my time comes.

  4. You and Angel Marvin had a special bond, and we all rejoiced in it! We also know that with the bad there is good, even if it's a little glimmer. You are always safe with us, since we KNOW. It's so fabulous that Pierre and Oliver are safe inside now; every day I wish I could coax my two 'O' Cats in. Last night, I sat on the deck at 11 pm with them, petting each one with a hand, and neither seemed to care about the extreme noise of fireworks! I've always wondered, and now I know.

  5. It is something we don't realize until it no longer requires our attention just how much caregiving occupies our time. It is also something that takes time to unprogram from our routines. What once was routine is no more. You gave Marvin so many much more life and love. I am so glad to know that Oliver and Pierre are enjoying their new founded indoor home!

  6. Your sweeties are adorable and a quiet 4th is the best kind!


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