Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new toy

The other day Laura and I were at, Next to Nature, one of the best cat stores around. (They have the most horrid website ever, but their store is great!). We stopped in to restock on Wildside Salmon (freeze dried salmon treats) which our cats love!

One of the things I really like about this store is that they have a very nice selection of cat toys. It seems to me that most pet stores stock the same boring cat toys, but Next to Nature has the usual stuff and a lot more.

They had a nice looking catnip fish toy (made my The Mouse Factory) that we thought would be great for Rose. So we got it along with a bunch of fresh sparkle balls for Willow.

Rose barely got to sniff the fish before Theo took it over! Theo goes crazy over this fish toy.

 Theo loves to lick the fish until it is good and soggy and then he rubs it against his face. He does this over and over. Good times!

Theo can be rough on toys. This fish toy would not have lasted a day in our house had I not taken it away. He very methodically works on shredding such toys. He uses his amazing strength to hold the fish with his paws while he uses his teeth to rip and shred. So now Theo gets supervised when he plays with the fish.

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