Friday, January 28, 2011


I have been dreading this moment now for several days. This morning, my dread turned to anxiety.

A death in the family requires a quick trip back east to visit family, which means the kitties get to spend a few nights in the kitty jail (boarded at the vet's office). It was my task tonight to transport the kitties to the vet's office. Wanting to spend every last minute possible with the kitties, I asked what the latest time possible would be for me to bring them over. As it always does, the time eventually came.

Rose was the one I was most concerned about. She hates being handled and is lightening fast. I was able to snatch her up when she was distracted playing feather toy. She protested fiercely by trying to wiggle free. I felt horrible about freaking her out, but I had little choice. I put Theo in the portable pokey with Rose, figuring he might help her remain calm. It seemed to work, by the time I got to the vet's office both cats seemed relatively calm. Willow and Nahum posed no challenge as they were easygoing about the whole thing.

Laser beam-eyed Nahum waits patiently in my lap to be handed over to the vet staff. 

Now that the cats are all gone, the house is eerily quiet. It feels sadly empty and void of life. I know it will only be a short time away from the kitties, but I miss them!


  1. We are lucky that mom finds someone to come check on us at home. Have a safe trip and we know the kitties will be glad to see you when you get back.

  2. Does Nahum have a button that turns that trick on?


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