Tuesday, January 25, 2011

new visitor

There is a new kitty in the neighborhood. I first started noticing it now for about five or six weeks. I don't know if it has a home or not. I wish there was an easy way to tell. If anyone has any tips or pointers on distinguishing a stray cat from an outside house cat I would appreciate hearing them. 

This new visitor, is solid black with a little patch of white on the chest. It has no collar and appears to have a patch of fur missing on it's right rear flank. I have not been able to get close enough to it to do any sort of inspection. It comes by to visit regardless of the weather; cold, rain or dry. It likes to carry on conversations with Theo through the screen door. 

Nahum and Theo having a chat with the new visitor. Theo in particular seems to be the one most interested in this kitty.

If you look close, you can kind of see the patch of missing fur, near the top of the tail.

It doesn't seem to keen on me. Every time I talk to it from the porch it decides to move on.

A little while later it returned and roamed around the side yard.

We certainly don't need any more cats, but the idea of a stray cat suffering in the cold and rain makes me sick. After reading about building a feeding station or shelter for an outdoor kitty over at The Very Best Cats, I have considered building one but I fear the family of raccoons that lives in the neighbor's tree would use them.

For now, I suppose I will keep an eye out for this visitor and try to ingratiate myself to it with some kitty food. Maybe in time it will let me get closer and then I can better assess it's situation.

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