Wednesday, January 19, 2011

one lonely magazine

I was at a Borders Books recently and decided to check out their selection of animal related magazines. Here is what I found:

Dog magazines: 9
Bird magazines: 4
Fish magazines: 3
Horses magazines: 2
Cat magazines: 1

I am having a really hard time believing that more people are going to buy a magazine to read about fish than about cats. And four magazines about birds?! The one cat magazine present in this display is not really even a monthly magazine but rather an annual publication. What's the deal?!

The one well known cat magazine available, Cat Fancy, is either sold out or this store doesn't carry it. My guess is they don't carry it since Dog Fancy is also missing. And, I am sorry to say this, but Cat Fancy is a sad excuse for a magazine. The content is very general and watered down. To see what a quality pet magazine can be, take a look at Modern Dog or Bark. Imagine Modern Cat or Meow.

I suppose I shouldn't really be complaining. After all rodent lovers, ferret lovers and snake lovers get nothing. At least there is something available for cat enthusiasts.

If three magazines for fish and four magazines for birds can make a go of it, surely the market can support several quality cat magazines. I think instead of continuing to complain about this discrimination, I need to get busy and start up a new cat magazine.

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