Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is the time of year where we start having some sunny dry days mixed in with the drizzle and cold. I love being home on these days, when I can turn off the heat and open the windows so the cats can enjoy the smells and sounds of the outdoors.

They get super-engergized when the windows are open, often running from window to window checking out the birds, squirrels and anything else that moves. I love sitting and watching them take it all in, with their senses on full alert. Seeing them experience such joy is a delight to me.

This afternoon there was a moment of high kitty drama. Rose, Theo and Nahum were on the front porch soaking in the fresh air and smells. All of a sudden I hear a commotion and instantly Nahum is hurling himself very clumsily through the open windoor, bumping into it violently which sends the propped-up flap crashing closed. Meanwhile, I see Rose levitate, as if she jumped straight up in the air, as cats do when they get startled. She nearly hit the porch ceiling, which is about 8' tall! I have never seen a cat jump that high from the floor. When she landed she smashed herself through the closed catdoor flap, something she has never done before, and immediately hid behind the oven. All of this took about 2 seconds.

So, I get up to see what had scared Nahum and Rose and I find Theo hanging out by the screen door talking with a big fluffy neighborhood kitty. Nothing seems to scare Theo, he was puffed up but otherwise casually sitting on his rug looking over the visiting kitty. The fluffy kitty seemed rather easy going itself, not phased by either Theo or myself.

I grabbed the camera and took a few photos of the visiting kitty. When I poked my head back into the house, I found that Theo had taken advantage of the distraction and was snarfing down my chocolate chips! Thankfully, I think he only got a few before I interrupted his thievery.

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  1. That is a very handsome neighbor you all have.

    Glad you got to (sorta) enjoy the nice weather.


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