Friday, February 4, 2011

play neglect

I have been neglecting my play duties lately with Nahum. In his typical sweet manner, he has been very gracious. The last two evenings, while I was working on the computer on the couch, he climbed up in my lap and settled in for a long nap. Nahum lap snuggles are an extremely rare thing, two nights in a row is unprecedented.

Nahum refusing to look happy
for the posed picture!
Before I left for work this morning, I told Nahum I would set some time aside to play with him in the afternoon. When I got home from work, I fixed some lunch and was eating at the dining room table when Nahum hopped up on the table with his favorite string in his mouth. In a sweet gesture he placed it right by my plate. He was taking me up on my morning promise.

I quickly finished my lunch, locked Rose and Theo on the back porch and played feather toy and string with Nahum. We were both instantly happy!

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