Monday, December 19, 2011

fort fun!

A fun way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, build a kitty fort!!

The fort was built for the boys - no girls allowed! 

Willow insisted on trying to get in...

She even tried to take down our flag!

Security breach!!

One Willow smile and I was toast - girls now allowed!!

Lets do some scratching!

then some pounce!!

Buddy stopped in to see what all the fuss was about. 
He stormed off muttering something about the younger generation.

Too much fun! Time to nap in the fort!!


  1. OMC, what a fabulous fort! Oh, we want one too!!!

    BTW, YOU take terrific photos, #2, #3, and #5 are particularly good. Our mom can't get a decent indoor shot to save her soul!

  2. Think I will try building one and see if it is popular or not.

  3. That is amazing!!! We can understand why you let Willow in - Mozart got a little weak in the knees seeing that smile of hers!! Looks like lots of fun.....

  4. Wow! That fort looks like lots of fun! I wish we could join in. Maybe we can convince dad to make one for us when we get back home after vacation.

  5. GREAT idea! This looks so fun! :o)

  6. We think our pawrents won't get a moment's peace until they build US a fort! That looks like the ultimate in FUN!

    ::thunders off to pester Mommy::

  7. Forts are fab! ... especially if they're made of newly washed laundry.... makes the mama... sigh!

  8. I am really impressed by the amazing photos here! Keep up the great work! They are so interesting.

    Debby in Arizona

  9. Cat Guy, you come up with some of the best ideas. We are going to get our Mom to build a fort for us!! It looks like so much fun.

    Mom wanted you to know that your photo of Willow with the smile, looking into the fort is amazing beautiful!! She thinks it is truly award winning. What a beautiful face you have captured. Of course, you know Mom is a push over when it comes to cats.


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