Sunday, December 11, 2011

weekend roundup

The weekend isn't quite over yet and already it has been very full.

It all started on Friday. In the afternoon, when Mama Kitty made a rare daytime appearance. She scurried through the yard and up to the Dining Hall while BK was hanging around. Sadly, the food bowls were both empty, so she didn't get much. I brought food out to her but she disappeared at first sight of me.

BK standing guard at the entrance of the Dining Hall to protect his lady-friend.

Mama Kitty is very fearful of humans and any movements or flashing lights, so getting pictures is difficult. I don't want to do anything that might scare her away. So, quality pictures will have to wait.

Mama Kitty sightings are rare, but with two this past week, maybe she's getting more comfortable here and will become a regular, eventually even bringing her kittens back. I sure hope so!

Friday evening, I got word that I had won's t-shirt giveaway! The shirt reads: "Real men admit they love cats" - how perfect! And if that wasn't enough, I also discovered that I had won I Have Cat's California Wine Club Giveaway!! I get two bottles of wine of my choosing (up to $50 total)! Wow! Two giveaways in one day, how crazy is that?! 

Saturday we hosted a big Christmas party for all of our friends at our small house. During the course of four hours thirty people came and went including lots of energetic children. For most of the time, the kitties were sequestered upstairs away from the chaos. Nahum, Theo and Buddy did make appearances. Nahum was the rock star - he so calmly sniffed everyone and soaked up everyone's praise, "he's so big!", "so fluffy!!", "he's gorgeous!!" He paraded around like it was just another day in his life but he was eating it all up.

There was one moment where I about freaked out. Picture this, house filled with guests all eating, drinking and being merry. The Christmas tree is in the center of all the people. Nahum comes out, becomes the center of attention, all eyes are on him. He's walking around checking everyone out, taking it all in. Then suddenly, he backs his backside up to the Christmas tree, slightly arches his back and jacks his tail straight up and it quivers for a few seconds. I was so horrified, "OMG!! Did Nahum just spray the Christmas tree right here in front of everyone?!?!"

I have never seen Nahum spray before and thankfully he didn't this time either. It sure looked like he was doing so, but thankfully it was a false alarm. Crisis averted.

Laura is amazingly gifted in the art of creating
incredible foods that are pleasing to all the senses.

When it was all over and the dust settled we took inventory of our loot. We had gained seven bottles of wine, two funny kitty mugs, two packages of kitty treats, some rattly balls and one ferret toy. Not bad! Thankful we have such generous friends!

Sunday, after a big party, is the perfect day for laying around and being lazy!!

May your Sunday be relaxing too!


  1. Nahum! What were you thinking, scaring your Dad like that?! Maui does the same thing, we call it "The Squirty Dance".
    Paws crossed that Mama brings her kits in soon, perhaps they can be socialized and adopted out?

  2. I am so praying that Mama kitty will come back more often and bring the babies! Sounds like quite the fun Christmas party even with the slight 'scare'! I love that t-shirt you perfect for you. I love wine also, so that is another great win! Glad you had a great weekend. I got to spend time with my Grandson and that is always wonderful. hugs, Linda

  3. I've been away so didn't know about Mama Kitty. I sure hope she and her kittens will be OK.

    What a beautiful table with all that lovely food. Too funny about Nahum. I love all the kitties enjoying their lazy Sunday!

    Congrats on the give-aways!

  4. That's quite a nice dining hall for Mama Kitty. I hope she comes to trust you. And also quite a nice dining hall for the inside folks too!

    Congrats on winning the 2 giveaways! It was your lucky day!

  5. Wow, what a week! Congrats on winning the two giveaways!!

  6. Wow - what a weekend. Paws crossed that momma cat keeps coming around - we have no doubts you will slowly earn her trust!! Sounds like a great party - and we are glad Nahum didn't spray the tree. MOL

  7. Harley sometimes does that thing where he back up with his tail aquiver... but he never sprays, either.

  8. Wow that does sound like a big week indeed! Hope mama cat keeps coming and learns to trust you! I'm sure in time she will ;o)


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