Saturday, July 7, 2012

happenings & new feeder

Just a few bits and bobs of news from around the hobby cattery.

MK and his friend hanging together on Oliver's house

The cat sitting with MK in the above photo is the one with questionable ear tipped status. Well, I may have solved the mystery. However, displaying the evidence requires outing myself. I was taught in my TNR class not to disturb the feral cats in the traps because it causes them more anxiety. Well, up until this point, no one needed to know that I couldn't resist snapping a photo. But now the photo sheds light on the ear tip mystery.

Notice the botched ear tip job

I'm guessing the person tipping the ears at the clinic that day was like me and didn't want to take too much of their precious ears and so only took the tiniest of bits. So, after seeing this picture, I'm now thinking the two members of Oliver's Family with questionable ear tips are probably spayed/neutered. For now, I'll keep an eye on them.

The Brown Kitty comes for lunch around mid day. He now calls Oliver's house his home and sleeps there regularily. I was happy to see him safe and secure in Oliver's house while all the crazy 4th of July fireworks were going on.

Notice the red spot on the tail

The other day I glanced out the window and saw a big red spot on the tip of Brown Kitty's tail. He and Oliver had a big fight the day before. Other pictures didn't show the red spot, so maybe it was a trick of light. Something else for me watch out for.

Yesterday, I saw something very sad. I happened to glance out the window and saw the Evil Bushy Kitty hobbling away. It was limping pretty badly. It sure seemed like it was having a very difficult time just walking. Over the past month or so I thought I saw it favoring a leg. Poor thing. I'm going to attempt to talk with the people who I think care for him to see what they say.

I keep working away on the new feral feeder. Here are some recent photos of how it's coming along. It's built into the side of the garage.

The cats use the table to jump up onto the shelf of the feeder. The table is not a permanent part of the operation, however, I'm trying to figure out a new vision for this back yard space that would involve a more permanent system for the cats to access the feeder. The feeder opening is fairly high from the ground. The opening previously was used for a stovepipe chimney.

Right now the table is a little too close to the garage, in time I'll move it a little further back just to be sure the pesky raccoons can't make the leap.

Oliver enjoying a snack from the inside of the feeder

For the humans, the feeder is accessed from the inside of the garage, where it is basically a fully enclosed wall cabinet. When it's all fully finished I'll post more pictures of it, inside and out. And the plans call for a webcam to be installed inside so everyone can watch the Family up close as they eat.

Oliver, licking his chops post snack!


  1. Well done, Oliver for test driving the new 'drive through'!
    Jane x

  2. Wow..if only all feral cats were this lucky. This is all so interesting.

  3. That's like what we did in our barn! As far as I know, raccoons aren't big leapers, our cat flap was about a yard from the ground. Purrs for Evil Bushy Kitty, I hope he has someone looking out for him.

  4. how cool is that feeder!! you are so creative. we hope that you can get in touch with the bushy tail cat and his people get him some help....

  5. We think you're really creative too, we're very impressed. And we also hope that the so-called humans of the bushy-tailed cat can be contacted, poor thing.

    P.S. No further sign of the little black-haired girl, the one who is so emaciated. Three times in total she was here with Toby for breakfast, but that's been it. So far.

  6. That's pawsome! Two paws up fur helpin out the ferals! The feeder is ingenious and the black panthers are just beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Watch out for those racoons. They are way too smart! The black kitties are beautiful --(as are all of them of course!)

  8. Glad that some of Oliver and MK's family are tipped after all. You are such a caring guy for all the sweet cats in your yard! Give Oliver a snuggle from me as you know he is a favorite of mine! Hugs, Linda

  9. If Evil Bushy Kitty has been limping for a while, his family probably has no intention of taking him to the vet.

    We know your "family" will love their new feeder. We hope they don't have to share it with any wildlife!

  10. I am upset that the Evil Bush Kitty is suffering and his so-called family is doing nothing to help him. I detest situations like that and now I had better stop writing on it as I get too emotional.

    Meanwhile thank you for noticing him and his trouble and for all you have done for the other ferals. They are innocent and blameless. Thank goodness there are folks as you who care and help them.

  11. I don't think poor Evil Bushy Kitty's family really cares about him. Maybe that is why he is so angry...I'd be angry too. :(


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