Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mr. Puddy's back!!!

Just a few days ago I posted about Mr. Puddy's missing in action status, then this morning I find this comment waiting for me:

Wow! Best comment ever!!!

So, I raced over to see Mr Puddy and sure enough, he's back! So glad to see he's doing alright! My crazy imagination had conjured up some rather unpleasant outcomes - so happy to be wrong! Welcome back Mr. Puddy!! Yahooo!!!!


  1. Thanks for the heads up!!!!! So glad he's back!!!!!!!! I'm on my way over to see what he has to say.

  2. Glad that I could share the happy news >^..^<

  3. OMC ! Special Post Just for Me !!!!!
    Very warm welcome back guys...MILLION THANKS !!!! To you and Pearls Mother : )
    I guess now mom can't get lazy for too long....Great !..tee...heh
    Miss You Too

  4. Yes, Hooray for Puddy - he is Skootch's mentor. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw he was back!!!


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