Thursday, November 29, 2012

cat puzzle

I got back in town from my long trip visiting family last Friday night. Come Saturday, the idea of having a low key evening, by relaxing with a fun puzzle, a yummy Vermont beer and snacks, and some good tunes sounded ideal.

I can't remember the last time I worked on a jigsaw puzzle, but it was definitely pre-cat, which means at least six years ago. I've always enjoyed puzzles, so the other day when I ran across a cat puzzle at the Goodwill for half a dollar, I snagged it. It's David McEnery's Classic Cats 500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle: Cat Nap II.

Before all the pieces could be laid out on the table, Theo was offering to help. And it was a good thing he was helping, because 500 pieces is a lot to sort through!

The puzzle picture is black and white which made it quite challenging.

Theo observed for awhile to see how it was done.

I'm not sure he shares my enthusiasm for puzzles.

With Theo now refusing to help, it was time to call in some local puzzles experts.

These friends love puzzles, so they were happy to come over spur of the moment to assist. With their help we were able to make some good progress.

Awhile later, inner sections started to come together.

Nahum offered to help.

After a valiant effort from the puzzle team, it became clear that the puzzle was not going to be completed in one night. The next morning, Nahum finds the partially completed puzzle makes a good kitty spot.

How many pieces can Nahum knock on the floor with one swish of his bushy tail?! Too many!

Nahum moves to my lap to snoopervise, a much better arrangement for all of us!  



  1. we love that pic - sounds like the snoopervisors were hard at work

  2. You're brave! My cats like to walk away with the puzzle pieces in their mouths...

  3. So cute! You should frame it! I don't think my kitties would help in the way I would like them too! Looks like a fun time!
    hugs, Linda

  4. That's a very nice picture! You're very brave to leave the puzzle out in the open with the kitties around. :) When we did our puzzle, we had to lock the cats out of the room. LOL.

  5. Oh you made mommy want to get a puzzle too. But I know my help would keep it from becoming a complete picture. So she may not.

  6. I lovesss JIGSAW PUZZLE too ! meow

  7. I love this. What fun! Yes, good thing you lap was a preferred alternative or it never would have been finished. Great puzzle! I love the picture of Nahum sitting right on top of it.

  8. That's a lot of entertainment for half a buck! Amazing that after leaving it out with the kitties all night you still had all the pieces!

  9. YAY!! You finished it! This post was too cute! Gotta tell ya, I have NO patience for puzzles at all!

  10. Nice ending. I know for a fact that Audrey would have started to eat the pieces.

  11. I love how cats are so "helpful" ;)


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