Tuesday, November 20, 2012


What's better than having a resident handyman? Having a resident handyman-cat of course! Oliver insists on helping with every project!

A few months ago the washing machine stopped working. It took numerous attempts over a month before it was fixed. Every time I went to work on it, Oliver was right there to assist!

Snoopervising from above

Oliver's a handyman-cat who's not afraid to get his paws dirty.

paws-on troubleshooting the problem

A nose for finding trouble

We narrowed the problem down to the motor

I found a motor wire that had shorted out on the motor mount. After finding a used motor on ebay for $72 I swapped out the motor, only to find out it wasn't the motor!

Online assistance thanks to YouTube!

Turns out the problem was the $18 capacitor! Always best to start with the cheapest parts when replacing parts. Oh well, now I have a spare motor! Thanks to Oliver's help the washing machine got fixed! I love having a handyman-cat even though the lap snuggles in the middle of work slows things down.


  1. Our DIY guru is Oscar...no job is complete without his inspections.
    Jane x

  2. You will NEVER be able to re-home that cat. He has found his home and it's wherever you are!

  3. Charlie will help us on all our repairs also!! Oliver is such a good helper! Hugs, Linda

  4. My father was a handyman. Our cats were good helpers, too!

  5. awwww - what a good helper!! It is nice to have a trusted assistant. :)

  6. "snoopervising", haha!! Perfect term for cat assistance :)

  7. Oliver, you're setting the standards pretty high. The rest of us kittehz will have to start helping out around the house, too!

  8. Oliver does look just like me! Although I think he is a better handyman that I am. I usually assist the lady by walking right in front of her and making quick turns, causing her to say, "Watch out Mr. Black!!". That is the extent of my help.

  9. Good job, Oliver!

    BTW, our washer died Sunday night, and our human was figuring she'd have to buy a new one, as it's 12+ years old. Turned out it was a $25 part that makes the machine agitate, and the appliance repair guy had it done in half an hour. So $96 and change and it's fine, knock on wood.

    Definitely look at the simplest solution first...or call someone in. LOL.

  10. We are jellouz
    Our Pops is all handy dandy but is now limited due to his accident!
    We did help put up the cat-walk bookshelf though!


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