Sunday, November 25, 2012

special treats

Remember Mr. I wrote about them back in March, when they asked me to do a review of their  service. Well, since then they dropped the Mister part and now just go by sent me some Felidae TidNips Chicken & Rice Cat Treats to review. They are made by Felidae, a brand who's food I have tried before.

Nahum was the first to give them a try.

He loves them!

Rose tried next...

She also wolfed it right down, even from her hidey spot behind the tub (away from Hershey). 

Then came Hershey...

He sniffed it and passed it up, as he does with all other treats too! What kind of crazy cat doesn't like treats?!?! Hershey is a bit different.

Nahum kindly offered to take care of that for him. 

Buddy was next...

Buddy only eats treats or any other food when he's ready for them. Trying to push treats on him when he's not asking always results with the same stink eye and the "i'll ignore you until you go away" approach. Oh well, his loss!

Theo gobbled his treats right down!

Willow didn't get to try them because she's still hiding somewhere away from Hershey. Poor girl. 

These Felidae treats are a real winner! As it says on the package, they're "Chicken-licious!" I like that they are hard, but not superhard. Some treats are so dry I fear they might crack teeth, but no so with these.

And I have a special treat for all of us. is having a big Cyber Monday Sale! For Monday only, some of their products are up to 50% off (with the exception of food). Treats, toys, bedding, and all other accessories are on sale! Sale ends midnight of November 26th (I'm assuming midnight Eastern time since they are based on the East Coast). 

I'm curious to see what products they actually put on sale and how much of a discount, because if the flea treatments and Cosequin are half off, that could be a screaming deal! I'll be visiting their site on Monday to find out. Thanks for the yummy treats to try!!

updated - 9pm PST


  1. Half of us liked those treats...but The Baby LOVED 'em! Mommy is shopping Chewy tomorrow, too.

  2. I live in hope that one day all these great products will be available in Canada...without costing an arm and a leg or $40+ shipping from the US. :-)

  3. Charlie loves his treats and so I may give these a try!
    hugs, Linda

  4. My Darcy doesn't do treats either... weird little boy.. he even runs away from salmon if offered it! hum Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  5. We haven't tried that treat but looks good!
    We will check Chewy website for the big sale!!

  6. Thanks for the recommendation, we are always looking for good new treats. Our brother Tipp doesn't do treats either, or stinky goodness. He likes his dry food and that is it. But we knew he was weird anyway...
    Harry and Dexter

  7. I always find it interesting the way some kitties don't like treats or only like one certain thing. Overall, these treats seem to be a hit at your house. I will definitely be checking out their Cyber Monday deals.

    Thanks so much for your prayers and kind note about Lucy. I really appreciate it.

  8. Chewy gets our vote! Chicken-licious indeed! Purrs...from the crew at

  9. That was fun...watching how each kitty responds in their own unique way to treats.

  10. wonderful seeing you and the kitties again. I have missed you.


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