Friday, February 12, 2010


A good friend, Lisa, recently chastised me because I saw catnip bubbles in the cat-store but didn't purchase them. So, on the next visit to the store, the catnip bubbles came home with me.

Lisa promised that the cats would love the bubbles, that they would experience hours of amazing fun and silliness. Lisa promised that I would see flying cats snatching bubbles out of the air.

Reality looked a little different than Lisa's vision, as the cats were a little more inhibited in their expressions of overwhelming delight.

Willow sniffing a bubble. She went on to cautiously pop a few with her nose.

Nahum enjoyed popping the bubbles with his paw.

Willow investigates and pops another bubble while Nahum works hard to contain his enthusiasm.

After reporting to Lisa the disappointing results of the bubble play session, she offered to have her dog's best dog-friend teach the cats how to freely express their inner-bubble-passion. Now that could be exciting!

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