Thursday, February 18, 2010

night play

I was awakened at 3:23am to the sound of a cat playing fervently somewhere downstairs. I immediately figured it was Theo having a good time with his favorite toy. A quick cat-head check on the bed revealed that Willow was missing.

Shortly after this realization, I heard the signature sound of Willow's play, the sound of her rattly mouse being batted down the stairs with her in hot pursuit. She loves to chase her mouse down the stairs only to run it right back to the top for another round. This repeats over and over again with lots of excited yowling and yelping.

After an hour of listening to her non-stop play, I was hoping she might tire and settle, so I could go back to sleep. It occurred to me in that moment, that it had been quite awhile since I have heard Willow have so much fun. She used to play this was often, but since we brought Theo into the home both Willow and Nahum have been a lot more reserved in their play. I hope this morning is a sign of what is to come.

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