Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Nahum loves his green leafy veg! We first noticed this when we brought home celery from the grocery. We found him chowing on the little celery leaves that were sticking out of the bag. After the next shopping trip he poked his way through the bags and found a supply of lettuce leaves. Yum!

Recently Laura had a fresh bunch of basil rehabing in a glass of water on the kitchen counter overnight. In the morning we found a lone stalk of basil on the floor with the leaves munched off. The mysterious greens thief struck again!

We have since stored the basil in the microwave but the few times it was accidentally left out we found evidence of nibbling on the leaves.

In an attempt to discover the guilty party, I placed the basil on the floor. Willow and Theo gave it a cursory sniff then moved on. Nahum was transfixed and quickly shifted into graze mode!

Salads beware!

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