Thursday, May 19, 2011

hobby cattery license

It's official. Fourwhitepaws hobby cattery is now officially licensed by the city. Back in October, I posted about the city's requirement that any household with more than two cats is required to get a hobby cattery license. The law reads:
“Hobby kennel or cattery” means any facility or residence where more than two, but less than seven, sexually neutered dogs or sexually neutered cats, or combinations thereof in excess of two dogs and two cats, are kept, or harbored, for the enjoyment of the species only. In addition to the hobby kennel fee (see Section 6.04.100 of this chapter), each dog and cat must be licensed individually at regular fees.
I was hoping to get a license that would be suitable for framing, but alas, it was only a computer printout. Maybe you have to pay extra to get the fancy looking license.

Getting the hobby cattery license comes with some risk. The animal control officer needs to inspect your house to make sure the conditions are suitable for the number of animals you have. The inspection is scheduled for this coming weekend.

Here is a little of what the inspector will experience.

Theo: "they never feed me, they make me beg for food... they eat three meals a day and countless snacks but they only give me two tiny foods and that's only after i remind them to feed me. they get meat, they give me a few dry nuggets..."

Rose: [being extra skittish giving the impression she has been abused by the evil humans] "squeak squeak!"

Nahum:"they buy all these toys but they never wiggle them for me. i carry the toys around trying to get them to play but they only want to point a flashy box thing at me. i even roll over and show my tummys but..."

Willow: [charms fully activated] "look at how cute i am. i be forever grateful if you give me a few nuggets from this bin. please, please, please..."


  1. MOL - we can only imagine. Of course, at our house you would be hard pressed to know exactly how many cats really live here - some of us disappear when strangers come over. Paws crossed!!!

  2. Hobby cattery license required here is $150 if you have 6 or more cats. I am holding it down to 5!

  3. Hobby cattery? I have never herd of this before. Is it a good or bad thing? We do not have this same law in California.

  4. Under "likes cats" and "likes cheese" in your profile, you need to add "used to like dogs but now is snooty about them."


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