Thursday, May 26, 2011

new bug toy!

Thanks to Neko Flies, the kitties have a new bug toy! I recently won a Neko Flies giveaway! The timing was perfect, my Kragonfly has finally expired so I was in need of a new bug toy.

I got the Kittycada this time. All the cats were immediately interested, but Theo couldn't contain himself while I tried to remove the toy from the packaging. I held it way in the air and he was jumping like a crazy cat!

A close-up of the Kittycada. 

Like the Kragonfly, the Kittycada is made of very good quality materials. And like the Kragonfly, the cats went bonkers for it. Neko Flies are still the only toy that all the cats go nuts over.


Making the catch

Eating the prize

Hunt mode

Nom nom nom...

The Kittycada is a big hit. Shortly after bringing it out, Willow started to chew on it and I heard a big crunch. She started to act like something weird was in her mouth, I feared she had broken a tooth. Turns out, she had chewed off one of the hard plastic eyes of the bug, which was a little smaller than a BB. I immediately plucked out the other eye. I don't remember the Kragonfly having hard eyes, but maybe it does.

Thanks Neko Flies for making such great bug toys!


  1. They look awesome! We've heard they're a lot of fun, that they're terrific toys, but we've never tried them ourselves.

    Enjoy...just don't eat them or swallow any (more) pieces!

  2. May have to get mom to look into these. You certainly had a fun time!!!

  3. Harley and I love our Neko Fly toy, too!


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