Sunday, May 8, 2011

Max memory #3

This is the only picture of Max I have from this day two years ago.

Getting Max to eat took a lot of work. He had lost interest in eating, which was not a good sign. On this day two years ago, I had purchased a different brand of kidney-friendly food and had just given him some. I was very encouraged to see him eat some of it.

I didn't know it at that time but this would be his last night with us.

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  1. Hello from Canada, I stumbled on your blog, checking to see how my site was listed on search engine. As a fellow cat lover I can relate. Beautiful cats!!! I find myself also, talking about my cats and other peoples cats an ice breaker.

    I have helped cats in my past, with help of nonprofit agency got medical treatment; tail needed to be removed, now has been adopted out to a loving home. The other, was left behind from People who were deported back to their home country. Cat was starving. Again adopted out through the help of nonprofit agency I knew of.

    I have 3 black and white domestic short hair cats, My trio, love them. Each with own personality.

    You are a blessing.


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