Friday, May 6, 2011

Max memory #1

I dread this time of the year. The second anniversary of Max's death is coming quickly (May 9th). I can hardly believe it has been two years, it feels like at least 10 years since I have gotten to hold him and bop my nose to his cute little black nose. Seeing pictures of him immediately stirs the deep ache in my heart and brings tears.

Over the next number of days I will be posting some pictures of Max on that day two years ago. Seeing these pictures stirs up my overwhelming sadness but it also feels honoring to my dear friend. The pain in my heart is real, it is a testament to my love for my fuzzy black and white buddy.

Two years ago today, I knew Max's health was declining, he had spent the weekend prior in the hospital trying to get rehydrated. Not knowing how much longer we would have together, I soaked up every day I had with him. These pictures were taken 2 years ago today.

Front porch patrol. He loved that porch.

Hanging with me.


  1. I'm sorry. Truly sorry. And I understand, I think most of us do, having been through it.

    I'm sending you lots of Light and (((hugs))) and the boys send purrs, to comfort you.

    And thank you for your comment re: the stray cat I took to the vet yesterday (comment on my Musings blog). I called just after they opened this AM to make sure he had made it through the night--I slept poorly, concerned he might have been so stressed/terrified that he had a heart attack or stroke. But he did well and they were hoping to neuter him this morning.

    -Kim at Fuzzy Tales and Musings on a Small Life

  2. He was a very handsome guy. We know it is so hard to lose such a wonderful friend....

  3. I find looking at old photos too emotional, so my deceased--cat & human--are on a separate web page so I do not have to look at them every day and be instantly reminded they are gone. Have made "hard copy" photograph albums no virus can destroy. Got pet license renewal for Verty the other day--forgot to cancel him. His number is "retired". Peep continues to defy his diagnosis and SEEMS fine. sorry about Max.

  4. HUG to you !!! Me and my mom are so sorry about Max.
    I'm sending warm purrs and nice kisses to you.
    Thanks to share this tribute with us

  5. What a beautiful boy. I am so very sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was quite a love bug. Try to remember that he is no longer in physical pain. That is what was best for Max. And continue to let yourself grieve. And write. That is helpful. And know the people who are reading your blog understand.

  6. Was für ein hübscher Kerl er war. Es ist so schwer sein geliebtes Tier zu verlieren und es dauert eine Ewigkeit bis man darüber hinwegkommt. Vergessen tut man es nie....

    LG Claudia


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