Saturday, June 23, 2012

what feral cats do when no one's looking

One of the many things I love about cats is their simple silliness. The feral-cam recently caught one of these silly moments as MK decided to play dress-up on the back porch!

Notice on the bottom left of this picture, there is a dish towel hanging on the exercise machine.

 MK decides to wear the towel...

Towel in place, it's time to show off!

It's not only high fashion it's a toy too!

So, Oliver, tell me the honest truth...

does this towel make my butt look big?

 Here's a short video of this moment.

MK always makes me laugh - such a silly and delightful cat! Oliver really enjoys him and I can see why.


  1. That was so fun to see. I am so glad you have the feral cam!

  2. HaHaMeow! We bet you get a lot of laffs from this camera!

  3. What darling glad they're yours!

  4. Ha ha! Nice commentary..."Does this make my butt look big?"... MOL

  5. Ha ha ha! That is heelaireeus! No wonder your Oliver is so fond of him--maybe hMK will become a little more of a regular visitor if Oliver lures him in...??

  6. What A FUNNY CAT - SUCH A personality. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

    cats of wildcat woods

  7. I love that MK and Oliver enjoy each others company so much! Sweet kitties!

    1. That is soooo cute. What a funny cat. Neither Tiger or Motor would go for that. Cute vider too!

  8. We hear towel-saddles are all the rage on the catwalk this season!

  9. This is so great! So SO adorable!

    P.S. Hope you can stop by my blog to read my exciting announcement and check out what I'm doing for feral cats :o)


  10. Oh this is so funny and cute!! Kitties don't intend to make us laugh but they do make us laugh and smile all the time :-)

  11. hehehe... They're having a dress-up party! Can I come? purrs


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