Wednesday, July 18, 2012

another Monday

Thank you everyone for the well wishes for my mother. I'm sure she appreciates it and I certainly know I do! Since returning home the cats have been vying for individual time with me. All but Rose have spent extra time in my lap, being reassured that I did not abandon them.

This morning, my day started at 12:30am with Theo climbing on my chest while I was sleeping - he wanted some pets. Time is an irrelevant concept when it comes time for loves. He climbs up on me and then butts his head against my face to tell me "it's time for Theo pets!"

It never takes long before he starts drooling up a storm! I have to be careful or he'll drop a big old glob of drool right in my mouth! Yuck!! What a way to wake up in the night, but I love him and his funny ways. He's one awesome cat.

Later this morning I had a bit of a challenge after Buddy and Nahum both wanting their tummies rubbed at the same time. Thankfully I had two hands and could accommodate dual tummy rubs. When I parked on the couch both immediately hopped up on me - it worked out perfect, Nahum claimed my lap and Buddy parked across my arms.

Nahum melted into my lap

Sadly, I eventually had to displace an unhappy Nahum and Buddy so I could go to work.

Upon returning from work this evening, Oliver was waiting in the driveway to welcome me home. I parked and opened the car door to say hello to him while I gathered up my things. He just couldn't wait a moment more, so he hopped up in the car with me, sniffed around for a minute and then parked in my lap!

Oliver followed me onto the back porch where I topped off his food bowl. I sat by the backdoor to love on him for a few minutes when in walked MK! He looked at me loving on Oliver and went over to the food bowl and had some dinner. This was a first! MK sharing the enclosed back porch with me only about 5 ft (1.5 m) away! I didn't risk snapping a picture and scaring him away - what a very sweet moment!! Soon I'll be rubbing his tummy!

For the sake of a photo, Oliver graciously offered to re-enact 
the moment of MK's sharing the back porch with me.

The best parts of the day were starting the day with cats and ending the day with cats! Now, if only I can figure out a way to integrate cats into the middle of the work day. 


  1. Hubby managed to solve that problem....he works from home...but does have to apologise (on conference calls) for one of the cats asking him to play with him...LOUDLY!
    Jane x

  2. awww - it is good to be missed (even though we have to go away to have that happen). LOVE Oliver in the car.....

  3. Work would be a better place if we had cats with us! I got woke up for some cat loving this morning myself. We have a new kitty...he came to visit and we fed him as he was skinny and very hungry. He keeps coming back and is making himself at home. He and Charlie talk through the screen right now. We call him BK (lol) for Black Kitty...sound familiar? He is not feral as he loves to be petted and is not afraid at all once he realized we would feed him. We will at some point have to take him to the vet to be neutered and checked out. I might start calling him Blackie as BK reminds me of Oliver...crazy. Hugs, Linda

  4. I think offices should have at least one cat to roam around and beg for petting, scritches and treats!

  5. looks like an absolutely wonderful home coming!

    I too hate disturbing a cat to go to work. Often I have to disturb a cat to call out of work because I've got a cat on me, and they get so annoyed they leave and it's better for me to go to work anyway..

    and yea for the sharing of the food! :) Good job Oliver!

  6. Replies
    1. When you learn how to incorporate them in the middle of the day, please share that with me. Glad all is well at home with you and ALL your kitties.

  7. Wouldn't it be great if you could take cats to work? I think that would make for a much better and more peaceful work environment :)

    I'm glad MK is coming around. :)

    My two babies like to hog my bed at night - it's a queen-sized bed and yet I never seem to have any room, LOL! But I love that they sleep with me.

    By the way, thank you for asking your friends for housing leads for me, I really appreciate it. So many people have been so wonderfully supportive :)

  8. Oh you and the cats have made my day. And are a swetheart! An absolute sweetheart. have learned to trust. Happy days. What an upper to read.

  9. Just found your site today. Was referred over from Deb at Just Cats via a link in her blog which I read everyday. I'm hooked on yours already! I'll be visiting often.


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