Friday, July 13, 2012

update on mom

All is quiet here in New Hampshire at the moment.

Thanks everyone for the purrs and prayers for my mom. She had been scheduled for a Pulmonary Vein Ablation procedure in Boston, which is what precipitated my quick trip to visit and assist. A few days prior to the scheduled procedure the surgeon called and notified her that the CT scan revealed a number of nodules in her lungs. With her prior history of breast cancer, he was concerned that these nodules might be cancerous and thus the focus of treatment has shifted to the lungs and the a-fib will have to wait. Continued purrs and prayers are always welcome.

Laura stayed home to take care of the kitties and to bring in some income. She's getting all the kitties loves to herself while I have to make do with doggie loves from my parent's dog, Nikki. (Kitty loves are so much better!!)


I did welcome the opportunity to visit my brother's delightful three cats last night. Oh, and I got to visit with him and his family too.

beautiful Elah

open the door and no one gets lasered!

I fly back home Saturday! I'm eager to see Laura and all the kitties. Home soon.


  1. Oh my friend..I didn't know. I will certainly offer prayers and Katie Isabella her purrs.

    ALL the very very best.

  2. Continued purrs and purrayers for your mom, and for you all, Phil.

  3. Sending healing purrrrrss & comforting purrrayers to your Mom.

  4. Oh, it's difficult when parents get sick.
    In my prayers.
    Jane x

  5. Best wishes for your mom. Safe travels. Hugs, Deb

  6. how scary - we are purrin for good news and a safe journey home

  7. We hope all goes well for your mom. We know you miss your kitties but moms are special too, so it's good you're able to be there for her.

  8. We're revvin our motors fur your Mom. Safe travels.

  9. Prayers for your Mom and lots of hugs and scritches for the kitties when you get back. Safe journey.

  10. Keeping your Mom in my prayers and safe travels for you.

    1. I just read the post about your Mom. I send my hopes and prayers to your Mom for good news about her health. Tiger and Motor send purrs and Jack barks.

  11. I hope you made it home safely. Purrs for your mom. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful, furry welcome when you arrive home.

  12. Purring for a safe journey home!!

    P.S. Hope you can stop by the blog at our new location to check out our latest giveaway ;o)



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