Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A full weekend of cats

What a glorious weekend we had, filled with hundreds of cats and cat people! This weekend was TICA's Annual International Cat Show. I learned a lot about TICA at the show, they are the largest cat registry in the world. I was very impressed that they support spay and neuter by allowing altered pedigreed cats and altered household pets to compete in their shows. Each have their own category. They even were handing out a nice brochure promoting spay and neuter of cats.

I took a lot of pictures, but I didn't want to use the flash, so some are a little blurry. I tried to just pick out a few to share that would give you a glimpse into this awesome event. This was by far the largest cat show I've attended, with 12 rings and close to 500 cats. Judges were from all over the world and people came from great distances to enter their cats.

The venue was very comfortable and pleasant.

Lots of great vendors as always. 
I found a travel bag that fits Nahum, more on that in a later post!

This judge is starting with Bengal kittens first thing in the morning, which are 
very noisy and rambunctious! He noted he would have no trouble staying awake!

I love seeing the judges enjoy the cats!

One of the things I enjoy about going to these shows is 
getting to see so many different cat breeds.

There were quite a few Norwegian Forest Cats in attendance as well as Maine Coons. 
Even a bunch of Siberians too. A fluffy cat convention!

The judge from Argentina, enjoying a Maine Coon kitten

cages full of Nahum look-alikes

This judge was awesome, she really liked to get up close and personal with each cat.

She concluded her assessment with a kiss!

Oliver's stand-in

A large Maine Coon

With so many Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberians in attendance, we were able to fine tune our best guess about Nahum's lineage. After looking at a lot of fluffy cats and talking with their owners, in the end, we think that Nahum most resembles the Siberian. The female Siberians even look a lot like Willow, Nahum's cute little sister.

A female Siberian, who looks like a fluffy version of Willow! 
This girl was for sale, and I sure wanted to take her home!

Fluffy Siberian

The Siberian has a fluffy coat like Nahum, a broad nose and large boned legs.

This was such a wonderful show. Well organized and the great venue made it super comfortable. It was fun to see so many spectators enjoying the cats. The cats seemed to be having a good time too.

TICA generously provided a huge exhibit space to the Community Cat Coalition, the TNR education group I work with. A team of volunteers worked the space and educated a lot of people about the importance of TNR. TICA even offered a discount on show admission if people brought cat food to donate to the CCC's "feral barrels", food that goes to feral colonies around the area. A lot of feral cats will be well fed thanks to TICA's generosity. 

Some TNR'ed rescue cats were available for adoption, many of which competed in the Household Pet category of the show! A sweet black and white, Ambrosia, was a show favorite, she took home quite a few ribbons! Several of these cats even found their new forever homes!

And if that wasn't enough cats and cat people for a day, we went home after the show and made the final preparations for the second annual Community Cat Coalition Labor Day Party, a social we host for the volunteers of the CCC.

Our yard (Oliver's yard) is not very big, but it's big enough for a party!


When the volunteers who were working the cat show arrived with the rescue cats, 
everyone flocked around the table to see the prize winning cats!

Those who stayed later got a special treat. They got to see Pierre firsthand!

Pierre doesn't seem phased by the visitors in his yard, 
as he goes about exploring the new furnishings.

A wonderful cat-filled weekend!! We were all exhausted by the time it was over. Thankfully, it was a long weekend for us. Monday was spent chilling with just our sweet kitties.


  1. Looks like quite a big weekend. Thanks for all the photographs. I only wonder how my cat Zeke got into cage 3, or did he win 3rd prize? He is back now. I cannot keep up with him.

  2. Zeke was there and did well. Certainly a champion Maine Coon! I'm surprised he didn't tell you about his adventure. He must keep the blue ribbons stashed somewhere...

  3. Now that was a wonderful way to spend the weekend!

  4. What a great way to spend a weekend. I love cat shows for the same reason you love them. Then it's nice to meet with your local people too and get together.

  5. Thank you for all the pictures! I feel like I was right there enjoying the show.

  6. what fun. I have been to a cat show a while ago and listening to the judges was so interesting... and I LOVE that they give back and support local rescues. what fun

  7. What a fun weekend indeed. Bet the show was fun, seeing all those beautiful kitties. I have never been to a cat show before. I'll have to go sometime.

  8. That does look like a lot of fun, and you took some beautiful photos.

    So nice of Pierre to show up and show off too :)

  9. Our mom loves attending cat shows. She usually walks around to see all the breeds but tends to sit in the Persian judging to watch those beautiful flat faces.

  10. I loved this. Seeing the cat show and the judges...particularly the lady who obviously loves and enjoys holding and loving on the cats. :-) I LOVE seeing Pierre not care, and hosting the guests in his yard. How kind of him.

  11. Thanks for all the pictures. Looks like a wonderful show. I just love seeing Pierre join the pawty, tail up!

  12. what an amazing venue for a cat show! Looks like it was catabulous! I particularly LOVE the mottled gray, floofy kitty near the top. Gorgeous!

  13. What a gorgeous bunch of cats you saw! It looks like you've got the lineage figured out all right.. definitely see the resemblances.
    I love the poster this group had - a native art cat. So cool and yay for the donation to the TNR group!

  14. So many fancy cats - sweet!
    xo Catherine


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