Sunday, September 22, 2013

sitting gig

My first cat sitting gig is underway! An acquaintance hired me to look after her cats while she's away. So far, it has gone well. Her cats are very sweet and it's a joy to hang out with them.



Sammie and Totsi are indoor only, long furred, easygoing boys and ZooZoo is a stray girl who lives on her back porch. She is really sweet and loves to have her head rubbed.


Meanwhile back at the Fourwhitepaws hobby cattery, the kitten taming continues. I think I mentioned before that we decided to split up the kittens. I have Belle and Felix (the tamest of the six) and two other foster folks have two kittens each. In another week we will swap kittens.

Dreamy Belle

Belle works over her orange crab


  1. All we can say to kittens is SQUEE!!!
    Those are some beautiful kitties you are cat sitting!

  2. Wow, you are pretty busy, what with kitten taming, feral tending, cat sitting, and caring for your own furries!

  3. The cat sitting is a great thing to offer a friend: I am sure the cats and their human really appreciate it.

    Belle really is dreamy!

  4. swapping kittens is a brilliant idea.. help them get used to new situations and realize nothing bad will happen

  5. So you're cat-sitting's fun, isn't it. I'll be back to being busy this week after taking most of Sept. off to help with my new grand-daughter. That little Belle is adorable. I wouldn't get much done with her around. Deb

  6. we know those kitties are in good hands!!

    good luck with the kittens....they look like they are having a good time.

  7. The cats you're sitting for are gorgeous and little Belle is adorable playing with her crab.....sounds like all is well!

    Pam and Sam

  8. Oh I love cat sitting! And your three are precious. ZooZoo, you look healthy, sweetheart.

    I was wondering about the foster babies.


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