Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas party

Friday night was the company Christmas party at my house. And since I own the company I could invite all my friends and actually have a fun party! There was plenty of hot spiced apple cider and eggnog and rum - yum!

Laura outdid herself with the yummy food offerings. Nahum had a hard time resisting the cheese ball, he made several attempts at grabbing it.

The stockings are hung anticipating the coming of santapaws.

This year's Christmas kitty is Nahum!

Theo auditioned to be Christmas kitty, but the selection committee unanimously chose Nahum.

Trouble brewing:

That oddly peaceful moment before disaster strikes.


  1. LOL. Love how you put it re: the last photo. :-)

    The party certainly looks like it had good food; yum! A lot better than our office luncheon yesterday, that featured a re-gifting gift exchange. A new low in office parties, as someone put it in a comment. Maybe yours hit a new high! :-)

  2. At my house most trouble starts under the Christmas tree.

  3. You home looks so cozy and inviting! What a lovely Christmas party! The kitties, of course, are the best.

  4. We think the Christmas kitties did a darn good job! Hey, that food does look darn yummy!!!

  5. What a great table of goodies! Those cookies look really terrific and I bet they were tasty. Nahum made a very adorable 'elf' this year!

  6. what a delightfully cozy (and delicious-looking time!!) Can we come over for leftovers?

  7. Everything looks wonderful. I love the little stocking hung by the chimney.

  8. what a lovely party spread..

    Goodness Nahum looks good under the tree


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