Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Since Rose has returned from the kitty hospital she has been different. She seems more bonded to her people. She enjoys being petted and even seeks it out. She is more self-confident and less skittish. Previously, she didn't want much to do with her humans, she preferred the company of other felines. Now she likes both! With these changes, I feel like I may now have the opportunity to actually get to know her, something I am looking forward to.

While Rose was in the hospital we would visit her several times a day. The vet staff said she was really scared in her cage. When we visited her, we would cuddle her and hold her close. She seemed to eat it up and eventually would relax and purr. Perhaps she learned that her humans do have something to offer her besides filling up the food bowl twice a day.

The other big change that has happened with Rose is her sound. She is developing her meow. I am afraid her little squeaks and squeals may be no more - they were so cute! I will miss her cute little squeaks.

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