Friday, December 24, 2010

Fun friday feline factoid - PetCast

Did you know The Weather Channel website will create a custom PetCast for your pet? You just have to supply some information about your animal and it will tell you if your animal will be comfortable outside or not. Here is my PetCast for Nahum:

The Cat Comfort Index tells me it's not a good night for leaving Nahum outside (something I would never do anyway!) The Cat Comfort Index is explained as follows:
Many factors impact your cat's comfort level in various weather conditions, including its hair length, age, weight and size.

Using a 0-5 scale, the Cat Comfort Index estimates how comfortable your cat will be outdoors in forecasted weather conditions. This may influence whether you leave your cat outside or opt to bring him/her indoors. The scale works as follows:

4-5 paws: Most Comfortable
2-3 paws: Moderately Comfortable
0-1 paws: Uncomfortable

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