Thursday, December 23, 2010

levels of stuck

Shortly after returning home, I warmed a snack in the toaster oven. While it was warming I sat down on the couch and immediately a half-asleep Nahum wandered over and plopped down in my lap. He instantly feel back asleep. As the delicious aroma of my warmed snack made it's way to the living room, I realized I was stuck.

A few minutes later I hear the toaster click off, my snack is ready. Fifteen minutes later, Willow migrated from her spot in the sun and squeezed her way onto my lap with Nahum. Now with two lap kitties I'm even more stuck!

Now, an hour since I sat down I'm starting to realize that if my lap is big enough to accomodate two grown cats maybe I don't need the snack! My tummy might be hungry but my heart is full.

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