Monday, December 27, 2010

Theo's Christmas

Laura and I got to spend Christmas day over at my friend Lisa's house. Even though Theo was invited, I was a little reluctant to bring him along because I knew there would be lots of food around! But I went for it and kept a sharp eye on him the entire time.

Usually Theo is relaxed from the start and just settles right in. This time he was a little anxious for awhile, it took him a bit to get settled. Once he relaxed he went to his usual "I own this place" attitude. I haven't taken him out for quite awhile, I really need to be taking him out more often.

Watching over the food preparation in the kitchen

Working for treats

Taking a break from the work

Demanding more treats

Stealing Gromit's water

Holding paw up to avoid Gromit's water spillage zone

Grinning for the camera

Pretending to enjoy Lisa's kissing attack, Theo takes advantage of the extra height and scouts for food

The feast

Being restrained from getting the feast

The conclusion to the happy feast!

Together we successfully celebrated Christmas and a good time was had by all!

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