Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Thanks to everyone for the supportive feedback over these past few days. It has been a challenging and a sad journey in grieving Max. It also has therapeutic. This will be the last memorializing Max post for awhile.

The morning after Max's death, I took a number of images of all his favorite spots. The feeling of overwhelming emptiness permeated the house. Reminders of his absence were everywhere.

empty blanket tunnel

empty porch shelf

empty kitty spot at top of stairs

empty treat corner

empty blanket perch

Too much empty.


  1. It is strange to expect to see someone so loved and then be jolted by not having them there. And there is no time limit on grief. After losing Tigger, I got a jolt late one night when there was a fuzzy cat sleeping in Tigg's spot behind the dining room table. I freaked out and flipped on the light to find Butterscotch sleeping in that spot - somewhere he never slept before or after. I took it for a sign - of what I can't be sure, but it was a reminder that they are always with us.....

  2. The one empty you can't photograph is the hole in your heart. I know the feeling well. Even though I live in a different house, I still think I see Miss Hooter in the shadows.

  3. Did you ever have any after death sighting or feeling about Max?

  4. Oh I know that pain. It can take ages to get through a grief like this.


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