Sunday, May 22, 2011


Good news!

Fourwhitepaws Hobby Cattery just passed it's official inspection by the city animal control officer!

It was a very grueling inspection, ok, maybe grueling is over stating it a bit. After a long conversation with Nahum and Theo about the conditions of their captivity he was convinced we took good care of the kitties and all was well. Thankfully, Theo didn't give him his starving-cat-who's-about-to-expire routine. I am sure we passed because Nahum offered the inspector to rub his tummys.

The inspector even said that with our two large enclosed porches, we could have many more cats! 


  1. Many more cats??!!!??? We have a lovely calico that would be a great addition!!!

    Glad you hear you passed - we are sure Nahum was a great influence on the inspector.

  2. More than 2 = cattery?1

    I received a card recently with a drawing of 3 cats on it and the caption is "3 is the new 2." In other words, some rescues are encouraging people to upgrade to at least 3 cats! You guys are way ahead of the curve.

    I hope there's something your whole family can get out of this new officialness. Tax breaks? Book deals? Free catnip?


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