Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Grieving is emotionally taxing and yet it feels strangely healthy, very grounding. It connects me to the very essence of what it is to be human - to love and be loved. It was healing to dedicate the last many days to the grieving process. Thanks again for your kind and encouraging comments in this time.

To answer Greg's question about afterlife connections with Max, thus far no, I haven't had any visits or feelings that Max was visiting. It might be too overwhelming still if something like that were to occur. Maybe he is waiting until I am more stable.

Ok, I am going to shift out of the past and get back into the present. I have four wonderful cats that continue to be a delight.

Nahum still loves above all else, to play. Playing with him is the perfect anti-depressant!

Willow enjoys sitting by the cat-door. Even when it is open, she sits and looks out it, enjoying the warmth of the inside while enjoying the view of the outside.

This is the one spot in the house where Rose allows the humans to touch her. For some reason this little cat bed is safe. Anywhere else and she won't let you even come close to her. Thankfully, she parks in this bed every morning after breakfast, so that is my one opportunity to get some Rose loves.

Theo continues to have no boundaries! In this photo, he has worked his way up to the top shelf in the closet where he discovered the cat carrier bag. He happily hopped in the bag and made himself comfortable.

Cats are awesome!

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