Monday, May 2, 2011

preparing for moth season

It has been a very cold spring, so the moths haven't come out yet. One might think that is a blessing, but we get so few bugs here to begin with, it means Willow will have a short moth hunting season this year.

In an effort to help increase the amount of available moths, I did a little remodeling of the front porch. The problem with the existing window screens was that bugs had a difficult time getting in. So, I replaced the screen in two of the windows with a wire fence material. With such large spaces, hopefully lots of moths can get in!

I bet most people wouldn't think it was a problem to have an enclosed porch that didn't allow many bugs in, but they don't have to see Willow's disappointed face when there are no moths for her to hunt!

Meanwhile I keep looking for live moth traps, so I can supplement the naturally occurring moths with imported ones from other locations.


  1. Willow, come and visit and we'll moth-hunt together! (Our back space is enclosed and is kitty-safe.) A word of warning, though: I don't share what I catch!

    -Derry at Fuzzy Tales

  2. Sounds like fun - Willow you are very lucky!! The closest we get to this is when a bug manages to sneak in the house....

  3. We think it's great to have a big-holed screen! Our Daddy has been known to catch moths by the porch light and bring them in for us. He's a little dotty but in a good way.

  4. Your post reminds me of the year I had an outbreak of moths in my kitchen cupboards. It was before Frankie's time but Daisy remembers. She and her brother, Jack, were happily entertained for several days until I had time to clean the cabinets. It was truly a blessing! Now we have lady bugs from a honeysuckle bush, coming into the sewing room. They are a bit more sedate that moths but do offer some hunting time.

  5. My Oh My!! You are The Cat Guy to go to so much trouble for one of your kittehs!

    P.S. Way to go!!


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