Friday, January 27, 2012

armload of love

 Buddy                                        Photo: Laura

Theo                                            Photo: Laura

A quick update on Oliver's family. They are back resting in their traps in the basement. They are all quite freaked out about everything, which considering everything they have been through is quite understandable.

The vet, by evaluating the wear of their teeth, thinks they are all around 1½ to 2 years old. Two males and one female. So, now I'm all confused as to how they are related to Oliver. They all look the same, I suppose Oliver could still be their papa. From what Sue said, the cat I called Mama Kitty is really a boy kitty! Yikes! I apologized to him but I don't think he was interesting in hearing anything I had to say. I'm still wanting to verify with my own eyes who is the female out of the lot (by looking to see which one is shaved for the spay) and Sue wasn't quite sure who was who in the end.

The female had to have some baby teeth extracted. They all got their vaccines, flea treatment and everyone appeared to be in overall good health.

Sue confirmed that all three cats are definitely feral and wanted nothing to do with any human. At least now I have confirmation that I didn't snatch up someone's family of black house-cats!

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments, it was delightful to read your reassuring words throughout the day as I worried about how the ferals were doing. I still feel thrilled at how the trapping endeavor went down - it was a crazy adrenalin rush. It has been a long day, I'm exhausted and after trying to change the bedding in the traps and seeing how freaked out the ferals are, I'm trying to remind myself of the positive long-term outcome of all their suffering. There are three less fertile cats in my neighborhood, which is a very good thing.

Sue thought maybe the kittens I saw awhile back are still out there! Maybe there are more TNR adventures yet to be had for me. Something to look forward to.

Someone asked who the Crooked Tail Kitty is. Crooked Tail kitty is one of the roaming neighborhood cats. I think he might actually have a home because he is never that interested in the food. He checks out what is being served but never eats much of it. He got his name because he has a kink in his tail.


  1. My heart just melts when I see such love bugs:) I have two cats and only one is a lap cat (on her terms, of course).

    So glad to hear the cats are all ok and waiting to be released. Sure, they are freaked out right now, but it's a small price to pay for having healthy and kittens free cats in the neighborhood.

  2. Maybe those three are siblings if they are all about the same age! In any case, you are right, they COULD still be related to Oliver....but super KUDOS to you for the spay/neuters, vaccines and good care you are giving them.

  3. We're glad everyone's okay, and no more making babies! Yay! Oliver could be "Mama-now-Papa" cat's brother or half-brother. It would be hard to sort out parentage, since one litter can have multiple fathers.

  4. Mom wants to kiss Theo right between the ears. :)

    Had to laugh about the "kittens" and "momma cat". Yep - they could still be related to Oliver. But either way we are very glad they are safe with you and also spayed and neutered.

  5. aww.. now I wanna go home and snuggle my kitties.. even though it won't officially be snuggling time again until tomorrow morning, and they will probably squirm and chide me for being off schedule..


    can I borrow one of yours?

  6. Well whoever they are I'm glad they are doing well! I worried about them along with you. Hope they will continue to visit the yard after you release them. Love your bundles of furry love!

  7. I love seeing those armsful of love and so glad to learn about Oliver and the others. What an ordeal in a way but what a great outcome. xox

  8. Awwwww!! Those two snugglebugs are so precious!
    Glad to hear the (maybe first?) TNR went off smoothly. Hurrah for less intact kitties! Kudos from all of us at the Lounge.

  9. It is a great service you did for those three and we are glad everything went so well.

  10. Thanks for visiting my mob! I am now forced to follow your blog because I see more labels concerning your cats than anything else!! YAY!
    Jane x

  11. Now those are some contented cats. :)

    I gave you an award over at my place. Please enjoy!


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