Tuesday, January 3, 2012

beauty in the end

5:04am, I awoke to the sound of Buddy getting sick next to me on the bed.

7:42am this morning, I thought this sunrise, as seen from my office,
 would be the most beautiful thing I might see all day.

Then at 10:04pm I saw this:
Buddy, finally eating some food!

Buddy spent most of the day at the vet. They gave him fluids and waited for him to pee so they could run a kidney panel. They also gave him something for his nausea. We are suppose to get the results of all the tests on Tuesday morning. He still has been resistant to eating but has eaten more today than he has for the past few days. 

Meanwhile, my anxiety is running crazy as I await the results. I'll focus on breathing and thinking happy thoughts.


  1. I do hope things improve for Buddy!!

  2. Continued purrs and paws crossed for Buddy. We'll hope for good results from the vet.

  3. Saying a little prayer for Buddy and hoping for some good news from the Vet.

  4. we gots our paws crossed for you and Buddy!!!

  5. We're purring for Buddy...hopefully he just ate a bad bug and he'll be better soon.


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