Friday, January 20, 2012

fallen tree

We only have four trees on our property, all of which are in the side yard. After this recent snow storm, we are left with only three. The combination of the rising temperature and some light rain was too much for one of the lilac trees.

This picture is from yesterday afternoon:
1/19/2012 2:27pm
This picture is from this morning:
1/20/2012 7:25am
The lilac tree collapsed under the weight of the snow and landed right on top of Oliver's guest house. Oliver has been sleeping in his guest house lately because he has made his larger home available for Mama Kitty and the kittens. It appears from the tracks in the snow, that Oliver was home, probably sleeping when the tree crashed down on his house.

Oliver has not been seen since.

Thankfully, the kitty houses are super sturdy, so there was no damage to the structure. We spent the morning clearing away the tree.

This is what the yard looks like now with one less tree. 

Oliver's larger home is behind the Rhododendron bush and is more visible to the yard now that the lilac tree is gone.

It is very wet outside today as the light rain has shifted into a soaking rain. Snow has turned into slush as it goes away. Thus far, Oliver has been absent all day, which is unusual. I'm wondering if he'll return and feel safe sleeping here again after such a horrible trauma.


  1. oh no....I do hope Oliver returns tonight. Poor guy, I can only imagine a tree falling on my house and how scared I would be. Keeping fingers crossed!

  2. I hope he returns but then he may have a more safe place to go when things get rough - our ferals would go under our house rather than in their shelter when the weather was really bad.

  3. I'm betting poor unnerved Oliver will be back--the lure of the two squares and a warm bed will be strong in all that snow! He's a handsome boy and he looks smart enough to know when he's got a good deal going.

  4. What a night Oliver has had... I hope he returns soon.

  5. Oh no! Is it possible to go around and look for him? He would probably recognize your voice!

  6. Oh no I hope he isn't too traumatised and comes back!

  7. He trusts you so hopefully he will return (and bring the family) very soon.....

  8. Poor Oliver...that would of course scare him so much. I so hope he comes back. :-(

  9. Ohhhh... how traumatizing for the poor guy! I hope that you see him back really soon. I'm sure that he's going to come back for a meal though, he knows a good thing when he sees it!


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