Friday, June 15, 2012

Buddy's first Gotcha Day!!

Today is Buddy's FIRST Gotcha Day!!! One year ago today he came into my life. Gosh, where does the time go?!

I've heard it said that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. Well, this was Buddy's approach to getting out of the shelter and it worked! His soft tummy furs were irresistible!

First contact at the shelter.

Second contact.

When we visited the shelter one year ago today we had no intention of growing our family. And then we met Buddy. A few hours later he was coming home with us!

Buddy loves his porch time!

Loving on Buddy means endless tummy rubs! 

Photo: Laura

13 years old and going strong. It's been a delight having Buddy in my life for the last year. He's our must snuggly inside cat and he's very set in his ways! He tells me when he wants more food and when it's time for bed. If he thinks I'm not listening he'll intensify his campaign. And of course he's always asking for his tummy to be rubbed!

I look forward to the second year of delightful Buddy!


  1. Is it only a year? It seems, to us, that he's always been with you. :-)

    Love the first shelter pics...He sure knew how to sucker you. LOL. (So did we all, in our turn.)

  2. awww - it has already been a year??? time flies

    Happy Gotcha Day Buddy!!! purrs and meows for many more (mom is sending long distance tummy rubs....)

  3. Happy Gotcha Day Buddy! Wishing you more tummy rubs.
    Of course he came home with you - there was no way anybody could resist him:)

  4. What a lovely blog ,i like your pictures.Our Mikki is almost 2 years with us now ,she was on a schelter too.She dont like it when i hold her and never sit or lay on my lap.But when it's late she meows when she want me to go to bed en dan she love it when i rub her tummy en she sleeps on my hip.Stil she is a little scared and ik hope she wil trust us completely in time .My englisch is not so good but i do my best!
    Greatings Elisabeth

  5. Seems I just read about you bringing him home. Older cats are nice which people do not all know. He is very handsome and happy looking. Glad you got him.

  6. Happy Gotcha Day. Those boys that like belly rubs are the best!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day, Buddy! Our human lufs people who adopt older kitties (and dogs). She volunteers at a rescue.

  8. Its wonderful how Buddy has just adapted so well to his new home.
    Only a soul with a big heart could have made the transition so easy...
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Sweet Buddy! Love the snugly guy! Happy Gotcha Day!

  10. Sweet Buddy! I love his very erect ears. He certainly "gotcha'd" YOU at the shelter!

  11. Just looking at the first picture with Buddy 'holding' your hand I can see in his eyes that he loved you.
    Jane x

  12. HURRAH! Happy Gotcha Day, loverboy! I remember his first day home, has it really been a year?
    Pet his tummy for me!

  13. What a wonderful, loving boy Buddy is. There's nothing in the world like cat love. To me, it makes life worth living just to receive it. you are very lucky.

  14. Happy GOTCHA Buddy.
    So sweet that this senior cat found the way to your heart.


  15. Who on earth could resist such a snuggly kitty! Nope - not me! Adorable!

    Happy Gotcha Day sweet kitty!

    xo Catherine


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