Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's good to be home! I'm thankful for a wonderful trip. The kitties are all happy we're home. Nahum, Oliver and Buddy have been especially clingy, with lots of laptime and snuggles, which I love!

Mr. Oliver is hanging out with me on the bed at the moment (the door's closed to keep the others from disturbing his peace). He sooo loves being inside. He's konked out on the LL Bean fleece cat bed. Occasionally he rolls over wanting his belly rubbed. So sweet! I love that he feels safe and secure with me.

A few notes about the trip. We were just north of Denver when my phone rang. My friend asked if I wanted to take Marble with us. I was torn. I knew we couldn't take in anymore cats and yet the image of Marble's sorrowful and bored gaze burned fresh in my mind. It seems the love and attention I gave him only made him want more, so he started to get more vocal. This guy deserves a home where he will be adored. I somehow mustered the courage to say no and I offered to help him find an new home once I returned home.

Marble soaking up the attention

The last trip I took to the midwest a few years ago yielded me another cat, Theo. I was very aware of this fact when I declined the offer to bring Marble back. I realized I was on the cusp of setting a dangerous precedent. No new cats!

On the drive home, we decided to route our trip through Yellowstone National Park and then as we got closer we decided to stay the night in the park. We saw tons of buffalo, antelope, a big bear and lots of amazing geological features. What a gloriously beautiful park!

A buffalo and calf enjoying breakfast munchies

The best part about leaving for a trip is the coming home. I can tell that the kitties all missed us, I know I certainly missed them! I spent many hours watching them on the kitty cams from afar.

Willow, as lovely as ever

Nahum keeps demanding to be in my lap

Not sure Rose missed us, but maybe!

Oliver enjoys "welcome home" cuddles

I was most concerned about leaving Oliver, since he doesn't let any other humans get near him. I feared he would think I abandoned him. As the two weeks went on, I saw less and less of Oliver on the back porch feral-cam while I saw more and more of the new tabby.

Oliver was at the house when we arrived home and he was the first to greet me. He purred and purred as I loved on him, he's such a delight! No doubt he missed me. I'm so thankful to see that he's ok, although he does have a small wound on his ear, perhaps from a fight.

Yesterday, I was home most of the day and after a short time of morning snuggles with Oliver, he disappeared for the day. I'm guessing while I was away, Oliver spent most of his days with his family, wherever they hang out. I'm hoping that now that I'm back, he again will call my home his home.

While I worked hard to not bring home any more cats, it seems we still gained a new cat with this trip. The brown medium hair tabby has decided to occupy Oliver's back porch and yard.

Hi! I'm new here, I really like it here, can I stay?

It's not clear to me the relationship between this new guy and Oliver and The Family. Thursday night, as I sat on the back steps with Oliver curled in my lap purring away, the new tabby walked by. He seemed spooked by me and Oliver paid him no attention.

Later the tabby was having some dinners on the back porch and Oliver sat on the steps growling at him and eventually chased him away. And again last night, I saw Oliver chase him away.

And then this morning, the feral-cam shows this:

Oliver's settling into his bed while the new tabby is on the floor

Less than an hour later, when Oliver is inside snuggling with me:

 the tabby comes back and once again explores the back porch

The brown tabby seems insistent on sticking around even though Oliver has tried to run him off. So, even though I resisted bringing home another cat, it seems another cat has decided to call my home his home. I'll try to trap him this week so I can learn more about him. Meanwhile, I hope Oliver, The Family, and him become fast friends.


  1. I am so glad you are home with the kitties. I know they missed you! I hope Oliver will start hanging around the house more, it is worrisome when they are out and about so much. I admire you for saying No to Marble but I know how hard that is. You do have your lap full already though :)

  2. Welcome home. It's nice to missed, isn't it? :-)

    It would have been so hard to say no to Marble, but we do understand--our human would have said no also, tough as it would have been.

    The new tabby is a handsome fellow, isn't he? We're thinking a little snip-snip there, if you can get him. LOL. Good luck!

  3. Glad you had a safe and fun trip. We all need that whether the cats like it or not. I know how hard it is to leave them and I'm sure they are much calmer and happier to have you back. That new tabby is gorgeous. It breaks my heart to see the homeless ones. I wonder what his story is? Our local shelter is full now and not taking in anymore cats. They are asking people to keep them and try to find homes. It really is that bad at this time of year. I have adopted Annie and Audrey now so they won't ever see the inside of a shelter again. Have fun getting all loved up by the cats. Deb

  4. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation so much. I know it was really hard to say no to Marble, but I agree with your decision. The new tabby is handsome. I hope you can catch him and fix him.

  5. we got our paws crossed for Marble - it can be hard, but you HAVE to know your limits.

    We do have to say, that new guy is pretty handsome. If he isn't neutered, getting that done should help cut down on some of the issues Oliver may be having with him.

    Glad everyone was glad to see you and you had a good trip.

  6. First of all, welcome home. Sounds like you and Laura had a great trip. And a safe one too.
    Cat Guy, you are just a cat magnet. I just have to laugh. Cats just love you! You're right, even though you didn't bring one home from afar, you still had a new one waiting at home for you. Amazing.
    Glad all was well with all the other furry folk at your home too.

  7. Welcome Home, I bet there was lots of cuddles.
    I hope Marble finds a home soon.
    Hello Newbie!

  8. Welcome home. We kitties out here in Blogland missed you and certainly your own kitties did. You had a wonderful trip and I love the pictures. And your new Tabby...kitties happen. MOL.

  9. We all have those stray Uncles and cousins that show up. Sometimes they are just the person needed to liven up family gatherings. I hope this new kitty becomes a welcome long lost relative to your bunch. You certainly have a refuge going there...maybe the word is out amongst the ferals that if they are down on their luck...Oliver's place will give you a free meal and a place to have a rest!

  10. Thanks for your comment and congrats on cracking the security code! I almost got a new cat but fought the urge off with great difficulty, as I know I have a slot for one more. I have stayed in those cabins at Yellowstone. Maybe the new cat visitor belongs to someone in the neighborhood. You can always hope. It does not look hungry or thin to me. I think you need a cat insurance umbrella policy.


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